Semalt Expert Unveils 3 Types Of SEO And Content Development Articles

Content development and search engine optimization can increase your market share. This is especially true if you have a great product that satisfies clients. While the goal of content marketing is to direct traffic to your business, the quality of your product or service will retain customers.

Lisa Mitchell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, defines the main reasons why you can engage in content marketing:

  • To be a source of useful information to customers and prospects.
  • You understand your clients and can help them by providing valuable content so you can teach and share experiences.
  • The ultimate prize is the traffic. To get traffic, you can use three main types of articles.

Purely SEO articles

Conversations with customers, tweets, and chatter from Facebook, Quora or Reddit can inspire a keyword based article. When you get inspiration to write and learn all you can about the keyword, you can write the article for pure SEO.

The main feature of such an article is the keyword density. This is because the article targets search page rankings rather than the provision of information. You might have written such articles, where you use tools to determine keyword density. Such articles are often dull, a consequence of keywords that are stuffed into the articles.

Keyword focused content

This is more focused on providing useful information to readers. So when you write such an article, you collect information, make it helpful and then ensure it is easy to read and comprehend.

Finally, you consider your keywords and insert them into the text. This is easy: you need to make a few adjustments to ensure the keywords look natural within the text. Your goal is to make a reader feel informed or empowered about the topic after reading the article.

Content you want to share

You know your customer base pretty well, and enjoy doing your thing, in this case running your business. You can go off the marketing path and create articles about stuff you'd like to share with your audience. It can be related to your business, hobbies, current local or worldwide affairs and whatever else you feel like sharing. Of course, it is sensible to choose your topics wisely.

On the other hand, it might just be interesting stuff. Either way, you write these articles in a relaxed manner because you want readers to get something that might not be part of your business.

For these articles, you should not focus on keywords. So you don't expect to reap anything regarding SEO and marketing with these posts. However, such posts can offer your clients the opportunity to interact with you on a more intimate level. It also breaks the monotony of other types of content that you post.

For You To Remember

A little tweak here and there is often sufficient to optimize an article for a particular keyword. If you find a keyword that can boost your SEO rankings, research about it, write, edit and finally publish.

Easy keywords are often neglected by businesses if they are deemed to rank low on overall searches. However, if you rank well on a couple of such keywords, you'll get more traffic. It is easier to focus on these keywords too because the competition is minimal.